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According to them the progressed Moon in Aries, Leo, Virgo and Aquarius reduces the chances of conception. In comparison, Vedic astrology takes a detailed and much closer look at the movement of Moon on a day to day basis.

For example the position of moon is observed at the time of onset of the menstrual cycle of the woman. It must be in a non-upachaya sign from the Moon- sign of the woman.

The Non- upachaya signs are 1,2,4,5,7,8,9 and 12th signs from the natal moon- sign of the woman. There is an additional 1. If Mars aspects the transit moon in the non- upachaya sign on the day of onset of mensus, then it renders the cycle a fertile one. This could be anything of the 3 aspects of Mars, namely 4th, 7th or 8th. Example:- For Moon -sign in Virgo, moon in the 2nd house non-upachaya receives the 7th aspect of Mars.

So it is deemed that this particular cycle would be fertile. In a month where this kind of combination exists for the woman, the days of conception are chosen on the basis of moons position in the mans horoscope. Here the power of Jupiter is the prime requisite to make conception a success. The mans moon-sign must be noted and the moons transit in upachaya signs 3,6,10 and 11th houses from this moon sign must be noted.

Such a moon must receive the aspect of Jupiter.

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Sexual union on those days results in successful conception of a child. There is another school of thought that mans transit moon in upachaya sign must receive the aspect of any friend of moon Jupiter, Mars or Sun. Example:- For the above womans chart, if the husband of the woman had his natal moon in Sagittarius, the favourable day for successful conception is shown as follows:. When moon transits the upachaya sign from his natal moon-sign, it receives the 9th aspect of Jupiter.

For the woman of the previous chart that time happens to be the middle of the cycle when ovulation normally takes place. That becomes a fruitful time for successful conception. The integrated chart for the man and the woman of the example charts is shown below:. Like this the probable periods must be devised for each cycle of the woman to identify the days of conception. The following combinations of days, thithis and stars must also be taken into account to ensure that the child so conceived is healthy.

The favourable days are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

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The day is counted from one sunrise to the next sunrise. The favourable thithis are all except Amavasya, Pournami, chathurthi 4th lunar phase , ashtami 8th navami 9th and chathurdasi 14th The favorable asterisms are Sravana, Rohini, Anuradha, Swati, Revathi, Moola, Uttara, Uttrashada, Uttrabhadrapada and Satabhishak.

If all the other combinations Thithi, day are present, the days of these stars are ok. Rest of the stars are not favoured for conception. Beyond all these, the time of conception is very important. The time or lagna of the time of sexual union is considered as the time of conception. It is known as Adhana lagna. Choice of Adhana conception lagna. The most favourable lagna is that which is 5th from the natal lagna of the man.

The Adhana lagna must be chosen carefully by taking into account the following factors: The 7th and 8th houses from Adhana lagna play a crucial role in successful conception. While the 8th must be devoid of any aspect, the 7th is supposed to have benefics for successful conception. Benefics in the 7th also ensures that the child would be like a royal personage, according to Jaimini.

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If Rahu joins Moon in the 7th or the 10th from the Adhana lagna or in the Karakamsa, then a child with weak constitution is predicted. On the contrary, if Rahu joins the Moon in the Adhana lagna or the 5th from it, the child would be heroic and strong, so says Maharishi Jaimini.

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If Ketu joins the Adhana lagna or the 5th house from it, there would be premature watery discharge or miscarriage. Ketus association to Adhana lagna is not desirable. If the Sun is in the arudha of the 7th in the Adhana lagna, conception does not take place. If Saturn is present in the Adhana lagna and aspected by Mars or weak moon, fatality to the woman is indicated.

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If the 4th and 8th houses from the Adhana lagna have malefic, then also the woman suffers. Mars Sun opposition on the Adhana Kundali makes the man sick. On the other hand Saturn- Moon opposition makes the woman sick. In general, benefics in Adhana lgana or with Moon or in trinal or quadrant positions to them are good. Malefics in 3rd and 11th house are good. Most importantly aspect of Jupiter or Sun to the Adhana lagna gives rise to healthy conception, happy pregnancy and healthy child.

Importance of Sun in Adhana conception lagna. Usually we think that Jupiter plays a crucial role in conception, but it must be borne in mind that Sun also plays an important role. Western astrology lays stress on Suns position for successful conception. Our ancient astrologers also have given due importance to Suns position given the fact that they have advised no-conception on the days of No moon, Full Moon and eclipses.

Here are some rules of Jaimini as a check list for Suns position. All of the following are with reference to the Adhana lagna. If the Sun is in the sign of Atma karaka or in the 3rd or 9th from it in the Adhana Kundali, then there are bright chances of successful conception. But the Sun should not be in trine to the Adhana lagna. If so, conception does not take place. If the Sun is present in the navamsa of Mars in the odd sign Aries , then the there will be successful conception.

If the Sun is present in the Trimsamsa of Jupiter, the conception would be successful. Importance of Moon in Adhana lagna. The aspect or conjunction of Moon in the Adhana lagna leads to successful conception. If Moon, Mercury and Venus have association with Adhana lagna or the 5th house from it, it ensures successful conception and delivery. If Saturn joins Moon and aspects the Adhana lagna or the 5th from it, the conception does take place but the life of the foetus cannot be assured.

It may also be a false pregnancy. The moon in the Adhana Kundali must not be in papa-karthari. If so, there would be in difficulty in pregnancy that could become fatal to the woman. Combinations that must be avoided. There are 6 combinations of planets identified by the sages as giving rise to sex confusion or Napumsaka character and therefore must be avoided while choosing the Adhana lagna. The sun and the moon is mutual aspect at the time of conception Adhana lagna must be avoided. This happens on the day of Pournami and around that time when the two would be transiting opposite signs.

In addition Amavasya and eclipse times also must be avoided. Similarly the period when Saturn and Mercury are in mutual opposition must be avoided. Conception must be avoided when Mars is in an odd sign and aspects Sun posited in an even sign. This can happen when Mars is in Aries and Sun transits either the 4th or the 8th sign from it.

Starting from Aries, whenever Mars moves in the odd sign and Sun also happens to be present in 4th and 8th houses from it, this combination happens. The duration of this combination must be avoided. Similarly Moon and the Adhana lagna in odd signs receiving the aspect of Mars from an even sign must be avoided.

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Jupiter is the karak for children. When this auspicious planet transits from 1st, 9th or 11th house, then the 5th house comes into a favourable position due to its dristi or gaze. What are the guidelines for healthy and safe pregnancy? Vedic astrology recommends all the ancient practices of garbh sanskar to be followed, for a health Mother to deliver a healthy child.

The mother should take sattwic food, perform meditation and simple asanas, and be mentally cheerful. She should do namajapa and read stories from epics and puranas to pass on the pure vibrations to the child in the womb. Planets also if placed in good degree and in auspicious nakshatras like Rohini, Swati and Dhanishta, give a smooth experience in pregnancy.

This will calm the mind and body. An agitated and anxious person finds it difficult to get pregnant. Wearing gemstones as per the recommendations of astrologers, performing daan, vrat and mantra therapy are also advisable. If the 5th house is under influence of many malefic planets, in that case, pregnancy will have many ups and downs.